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Training workshop – Florida

This construction was partially abandoned, the asociation had a big area in front wich they use to gather and count tons of coffee they harvest. In the back they had two offices which were use as deposits, and since the roof didn’t work, everything was soaked and wet. Papers, furniture, different type of instruments, including a bed that belonged to the watchman, who had severe skin problems and who´s name I wont reveal. He lived in this terrible place.

As part of the workshop we took everything outside, many things were no more usable. I found this man´s personal documents, his picture showed a complete different person. I start observing him, he was at first quiet and elusive. La Florida is a small town, everybody knows everything. He had a big and nice hause in a privileged place, in front of the plaza. But he didn´t use. Why? His wife and daughters abandoned him some years ago and he didn´t want to go back to this family hause. He quit everything and abandoned himself.

We had a sociologist in our teamwork, we invited him to join us at the workshop and also to go to a doctor due to his skin issues. When he began to see the space transformation, he started his own transformation. He went to the doctor and started a proper treatment. He worked with us, learning how to construct with Bamboo.

By the end of this workshop he was living back in his hause in front from the plaza, he had new knoledge and he looked fully recovered.