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Single family home – Lurin

The clients, both related more to the countryside, requested the design of their permanent family home in the Lurin Valley, 40km from Lima. My starting point was to recreate a small one-story “Hacienda House”, with contemporary details where the green areas would be used at its fullest.
Because material and design efficiency is important, I proposed a modulated structure with conventional and local materials that are easily available in the area. So there would be always a chance to build a second floor in the future, as it was by the clients required.

The house is located at the end of a large plot of land, thus allowing the location of a large front garden with good visibility to the entrance gate and the parking area, which is also part of the visual security. This location also allows big, green, social areas and in a certain way hides the storage area at the back.

I proposed large windows with low windowsills that look directly onto the garden from where the family can also get more natural light and it is more playful for the children. Always with a touch of a colonial house. The dining room is protected from direct radiation thanks to the wooden roof on the front terrace, which is also a connector between the interior and exterior spaces.

All the spaces are easily accessible and are connected. In the family private area, the bedrooms converge onto a TV room which is also a meeting relax point. The height of the house makes the spaces look bigger and allows fresh rooms in Summer. Allows also a nice view and a comfortable mezzanine in the social area.